Anne of Green Gables Japanese Washi Masking Tape

In honor of our Japan of Green Gables episode, we've chosen this whimsical washi masking tape! The images come from the beloved anime, Akage no An, which was made by the founders of Studio Ghibli. Your neighbor Totoro will be so jealous!

ITEM: Anne of the Green Gables - Vol. 3 - Japanese Washi Masking Tape - 11 Yard - Two Designs for Choice - No Discount


-Material: washi paper

-Width: 15mm (0.6") | Length: 10m (11 yard)

-The figures come from the 1979 Japanese animation series Anne with Red Hair, directed by Takahata Isao, illustrator including Miyazaki Hayao and Yoshifumi Kondo

**Every buyer will get a mysterious gift.

From Etsy shop zakkalover. Support independent makers and orders yours on Etsy today!

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